In reviewing fifty years of painting, I began to look at my body of work and the main thrust of many years of dedication. There are a few themes that have reoccurred. One is portraits of people of diverse cultures and traditions that I have met all over the world. My consistent ease in communicating with strangers regardless of language left me wondering why the notion of beauty in diversity has not taken root.

Years have been spent painting visualizations of the relationship between the micro and macrocosm. Within each painting is the physical world and the ethereal world encoded in my own iconography. I thought the paintings of the human family from around the planet, combined with the study of our position and relation to the universe, would guide me towards a logical progression. The common thread that ties all living things together, and the one thing that we all share on the planet, is the elements. And so, the study of the elements became my complete focus.

As you navigate through this website a positive perspective of life will be revealed. My study of the elements delves into many indigenous people's mindsets to try to understand ancient traditions of which we are now finding scientific support in the modern world. From here, I offer a platform that allows one to open heart and mind to the infinite possibilities of our existence.

My art is an attempt to offer visual anchors to help people navigate through difficult times.

It is my honest belief that life on earth can be blissful and expansive depending on how one chooses to view experiences. The key word here is choice, and that comes with complete responsibility for one's own life. Discipline comes next as an important component. The discipline to control one's own thoughts and mind is essential. To choose positive vortexes over negative ones is a foundation for joy and inner peace. The conscious letting go of fear will bring life flow and energy.

If these images help someone to experience a more joyful existence, then my work has not been in vain. When one finds harmony within their own microcosm, their connection to the macrocosm will follow naturally. Love of mother earth, the force that nurtures and sustains us, will take the forefront of one's concern. To love Mother earth is to love oneself. My dream is to bridge the forgotten cultures that are eking out a meager existence in remote places to the modern cultures that have strayed far from the source. Through this union, there could be a rebalancing and positive outcome for all humanity. My living dream is to see more and more people feel this connection to themselves and to the universe beyond; to have the courage to know that when one begins operating from love, nothing will stop the forward and upward motion.