Red Jasper River I

51" x 38"
La Gran Sabana, Venezuela
oil on canvas
available in giclee on canvas or paper

While backpacking through Venezuela the artist was guided to Roraima, a pink sandstone plateau that juts up from the green savannah below. The six day trek was led by a Pemón man who's People believe that the water that hits the top of the plateau is the first water to reach earth from the heavens; Grandmother of all waters. Entire areas of the plateau were covered with multi-colored crystals glistening in what appeared to be tide pools in the sky.  Endemic plants found life aside megalithic rocks. The artist slept in caves at the top of the plateau where she experienced the power of the elements via the dynamic changes in weather. Upon their descent, (and before leaving the sacred savannah), the guide brought the artist to the Red Jasper River. The crystal clear water from Roraima above flowed over the wide rock bed of pure red Jasper, giving great contrast to the emerald green surroundings.

This painting became a life metaphor; how water teaches us the art of flowing through obstacles. Rather than hitting a rock head-on, water glides to the easiest place for movement.

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