Red Rock

37" X 48.5"
Topanga Canyon
oil on canvas / sold
available in giclee on canvas or paper

This cave was of great solace to the artist when she in arrived in Topanga just three days after the Bali Bomb in 2002. Once upon a time Red Rock was home to the Tongva and Chumash Native Nations. There is a Native belief that the rocks record everything that has transpired since the beginning of time. The left side of the cave represents the material world, while the inside of the cave on the right hand side is the energetic world. Each line of sediment seems to tell a story; the feeling that water passed through the caves once under the ocean is apparent. Shell fossils and smooth walls stand as testimony to the millenniums of this ancient cave’s existence. The artist found comfort in seeing that despite humanities transgressions, the earth continues it’s infinite cycles.

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