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from 1,950.00

58" x 62”
oil on canvas
sold / available in giclee on canvas or paper

Pedanda is the highest form of priest or priestess in the Balinese religion, which is a combination of Hinduism and Animism. The Brahmin priests destined to fulfill this lofty position must first go through a death ceremony and then be reincarnated in the same body after renouncing desire and earthly attachments. 

Through imagery, the artist moves us through the elements of Balinese prayer; the Priestess is seen focusing through her third eye. Her Devotional prayer is transmitted through the vibration of the bell, then passed through the offerings, next purified by the Holy Water, and finally sent to the heavenly realm through incense and the upward sweep of the Priestesses hand. A flower petal completes the motion.

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